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s a complement to traditional and holistic veterinary care, animal energy therapy uses techniques that clear, balance and stabilize the body's energy system to facilitate self-healing at the physical, mental, emotional, and, in an animal's case, at the instinctual level. The energy system carries the animal's life force and the therapy supports self-healing on all levels. A clear and balanced energy system is vital for good health and well-being, allowing the body to yield to the correct physiologic function (see Resources) to optimally support the animal.

n energy therapy session uses subtle, nurturing energy that helps the body rest, restore and rebuild. It consists of a series of both off-body and gentle touch techniques specific to animals and their unique instinctual nature. Given their fight or flight instinct, their energy field is much larger than a human's. Techniques used reach the origin of the energetic compromise so the body can then begin its healing.

In Honor
Memory of
The Benefits of Energy Therapy

+ Assisting in healing injured spirits (i.e. abuse, abandonment, neglect, displacement, grief)
+ Decreasing pain
+ Calming anxiety, including separation anxiety
+ Reducing stress
+ Supporting overall wellness/supportive care
+ Trauma release from stored negative memory
+ Aid in healing injury, illness or disease
+ Strengthening the immune system
+ Preparing for and recovering from surgery
+ Assisting in the end-of-life transition

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